A Wild Soul Woman Online Course ~ A Journey into the Heart of Your Untamed Self

It's time to let go of what keeps you from living your deepest truth & embark on a heroine’s journey to unleash your wildness

£111 / $145

Payment plan available.

“Mary Reynolds Thompson works simple magic to bind our broken souls back into full round rapport with the more-than-human terrain. And as the land restores our sanity, we’re empowered to work with new clarity to replenish the many-voiced vitality of the animate earth.”  


Are you ready to feel rooted, powerful, courageous, authentic, instinctual, and alive... Explore your strength, sensuality, and creativity... Let go of what keeps you from living your deepest truth... And embark on your own unique heroine’s journey?

It's time to embody and express from your wild soul ~ the part of you that knows you are one with rivers, forests, and mountains. To break free of the fears and cages that hold you back. To experience yourself and Earth as the powerful, embodied Feminine.  

This course is an invitation to your wild soul... 

A Wild Soul Woman is a journey of soul recovery that offers a dynamic pathway for women to reclaim their innate and instinctual wildness. Week by week, you will be initiated into five landscape archetypes of deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands as aspects of your own psyche and soul. 

Each landscape sheds light on the magnificent geography of your being in all its fierce grace and bountiful wisdom. The great landscapes arose from the Earth, just as you did, and their energies evoke deep feelings and potential within you at both conscious and unconscious levels. 

During this course, you will be enfolded in sacred and creative space where the totality of you – in all your earth-born aspects – can be reclaimed and integrated. The result is the emergence of a wild, brave, and fully alive you – one ready to take a stand for a wilder, more alive world.


Are you ready to feel rooted, powerful, courageous, authentic, instinctual, and alive?

£111 / $145

Payment plan available. For every participant 84 trees will be planted! 

Dive into A Wild Soul Woman and you will…

  • Participate in a dynamic community of women who are reclaiming their own wildness in service of living fully. 
  • Awaken the Earth Archetypes within you so that you can stop playing safe and have the impact you long for. 
  • Enhance your sense of self, stand in your own magnificence, become courageous, bountiful and brave.
  • Experience your innate wildness through tools and embodied practices that bridge Earth and soul. 
  • Heal core wounds that have kept you from expressing the vibrancy, sensuality, and creativity of your wild soul.

Your Personal Invitation from Mary Reynolds Thompson, your Guide

“A Wild Soul Woman course was and continues to be a deep source of inspiration for life! During the course the archetypal landscapes were explored in such a profound way, that truly made a difference in my work as an artist: I was practically stepping into new things and connecting to the landscape energies gave answers to many questions I had - and unexpectedly deep answers straight from the intelligence and power of nature.” 

~ RAILA MAR, www.railamar.net  

Until we learn to be a little less tame, a little less obedient, we will never become the women we need to be in order to live from the heart of our true nature and the richness of our wild, unstoppable souls... 

During the course, you will travel into the deepest and most untamed aspects of the soul. You will enter an inner world of archetypes, metaphors, symbols, dreams and imagery, where ancient Earth energies shed light on the fullness of who you are. 

Throughout the course, you will be guided through six modules. You'll have the pleasure of taking the course in your own time, as fast or slow as you like because it’s completely self led and online. This makes it really easy to fit into your life. Every module includes a 60-minute long guided experience and explores one of the 5 landscapes. 

The modules also include a landscape ceremony experience, journaling exercises, and specially created music meditations. Each week will be its own initiation. All of the sessions are strongly experiential. You’ll want to unplug and have your journals at hand! In the sixth module, you’ll receive an integration session, which will be a powerful way of bringing the teachings home.

Are you ready to connect with a vibrant global sisterhood of women reclaiming their wildness?

Payment plan available. For every participant 84 trees will be planted! 

"My deep gratitude goes to you all for the vision of the course, the spaciousness with which every participant was received, the immense opportunity you offered us all to expand ourselves and connect more fully to ourselves and to the Earth."  


~ Module 1~ Silent, spacious, dry — where you feel into the bones of your being and the essence of who you truly are.

~ Module 2 ~ Mysterious, shadowed, ancient — where you explore your most creative, wild, and enchanted aspects as wise woman.

~ Module 3 ~ Fluid, powerful, generative—where you experience the depth of your longings and undam the flow of your life.

~ Module 4 ~ Solid, visible, influential—where you take a stand for the highest good and find the courage to rise and be seen for who you truly are.

~ Module 5 ~ Fertile, beautiful, sensuous—where you find the places (within and without) that invite your own passionate blooming.

~ Module 6 ~ We walk the final circle of the Wild Soul Mandala to integrate all aspects of the path and claim our wholeness through reclaiming our wild souls. We will make an offering to the Earth that is also a commitment to a wilder, more authentic way of living—one that takes back our wild feminine nature in service of all of life.  

Are you ready to explore your strength, sensuality, and creativity?

Payment plan available. For every participant 84 trees will be planted! 

Your Bonus Gifts

  • Wild Soul Woman Intensive Online Retreat -- A 1.5 hour retreat with Mary after the course finishes. You’ll leave with a written commitment to live the life of A Wild Soul Woman. 
  • Wild Soul Mandala -- An activation tool where you drop in through the different layers of the archetypes. Make this wild soul mandala, a symbol of wholeness, part of your daily practice and begin embodying the wisdom of Earth’s great landscapes.
  • Introductory Landscape Videos -- Brief orientations to the landscapes, guided by Mary Reynolds Thompson.
  • A Wild Soul Woman: Companion Workbook -- This companion workbook is filled with prompts, practices and explorations to enhance your experience and help you deepen into the wisdom of Earth's archetypes.
  • Original Music Meditations -- Set to original music by Richard Wormstall, Mary has created five original meditations to guide you into the deeper mysteries of the Deserts, Forests, Oceans and Rivers, Mountains, and Grasslands. Each meditation is about six minutes long, the perfect length to listen to at the beginning or end of each day. You can move to the music, or simply allow the sounds and words to wash over you.

“The Wild Soul Woman course opened me up in new and profound ways. I’ve always felt a deep connection to the Earth, but now I experience an even more meaningful relationship with landscapes, trees, plants and animals. The course nurtures its participants while raising money for planting trees. Clare and Mary are wise women creating sacred space for an ever-evolving practice. Travel through the five landscapes enriches our relationship with the Earth and with each other. I’m looking forward to taking this course again and highly recommend it .”  

~ LORAN HILLS, www.loranhills.com

"I have just taken part in the A Wild Soul Woman commitment ceremony and I just want to say Mary, Clare, Wild Soul Woman sisters all over this planet, thank you. I am crying as I write this because I finally know that what I do is real. It matters. I matter. What I bring to the world matters. Thank you."


“Mary took people from the point of speaking about their love of trees, to feel they can speak with authority as the voice of the earth.” 


“From the giant Redwoods, nestling into the moist forest floor.. and then flying over the treetops to the mountains...to an ancient cave, tracing cave paintings... frozen springs, glaciers, polar bears on blue ice floes... leaping back to high mountains, the dancing, flying... what a wild soul ride!"

~ AMANDA BOND, www.wildandmindfulsense.com 

Become A Wild Soul Woman...

- Untamed, Unashamed, and Unstoppable! 

Payment plan available. For every participant 84 trees will be planted! 

About Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary is the award-winning author of 'Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restore Us To Wholeness’. As a facilitator of poetry and journal therapy and a certified life coach, she helps people discover and live their Wild Soul Story. Those who journey with her learn to bridge the false divide between outer and inner nature, Earth and Self, and become fully creative, connected and alive.

Mary is core faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute, the leading training institute for practitioners in the field of therapeutic writing, and has taught for the International Women’s Writing Guild, National Association of Poetry Therapy, The Women’s Writing Experience, and Expressive Therapies Summit, and many other conferences. Her own retreats, classes, and workshops are delivered both in the States and Internationally. A pioneer in the fields of spiritual ecology and eco-feminism, Mary speaks at numerous conferences, including the Techno-Utopianism conference in New York and the Conference of World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. 

~ The Book ~

Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Return us to Wholeness 


Beyond the chaos and stresses of our modern age, there lies a forgotten yet primal terrain rich in wisdom, healing, and wholeness. 

In Reclaiming the Wild Soul (Nautilus Award Winner, 2015) Mary Reynolds Thompson takes us on a journey into Earth’s five great landscapes as aspects of our deeper, wilder selves. 

TreeSisters will receive $1.00 for every book purchased in the United States through White Cloud Press. 

All proceeds given to TreeSisters will go to planting trees! 

Praise for the Book

“Mary Reynolds Thompson explores ‘the breath of wildness,’ the reality of kinship that exists just beyond the reach of our senses — or at least our most familiar senses. She has rolled up her sleeves and commenced what Thomas Berry called the Great Work of the 21st century: reconnecting to the rest of the natural world, for meaning. For soul.” 

~ Richard Louv, The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods 


“Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a gateway into the great spiritual journey of our time: that of non-dual consciousness, also called spiritual ecology. These moving stories and images and poetry of Reynolds Thompson will carry you into a fresh, though ancient, realization: the deserts and forests and mountains are there in the universe, and yet simultaneously, they are vibrantly alive in the depths of our souls.” 

~ Brian Swimme, Ph.D., author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos and The Universe Story (with Thomas Berry) 


“With ingenuity and subtlety, Mary Reynolds Thompson guides us in ways both old and new to enter Earth’s archetypal wildscapes and allow them to infuse us and make us whole again, fully human. Woven with enchanting stories and wise counsel,Reclaiming the Wild Soul lavishly supports us, at this time of global crisis/opportunity, to return, emboldened, to Earth and to our own human wildness." 

~ Bill Plotkin, author of Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche and Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche 

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