TreeSisters Groves

Step into your feminine nature based leadership by hosting a TreeSisters women’s circle

Your Invitation

to come together in sisterhood and feel powerful and hopeful in the face of climate change

Welcome to the TreeSisters Groves - our local circles of treesisters taking a stand on behalf of Life! In this short video our Groves Mama, Jenny Rose Smith, will introduce you this heartfelt offering:  

What are the TreeSisters Groves?

  • A circle of women who gather together to nurture themselves deeply and find gloriously enjoyable ways to give their gifts and take action on behalf of Nature.
  • A nurturing, safe space to explore your in-breath and out-breath ~ your balance of being and doing.
  • A birthing circle of limitless possibility, an expression of your heart, a sacred pool of co-creativity, a source of deep encouragement, exploration, personal and collective discovery. An invitation to ignite your passion into action.

A Grove is a women’s circle, a place where you can relax into wholeness and feel how your gifts want to be expressed in the world. It’s a birthing circle, a place to connect with like-minded women, where we can take responsibility for the care of ourselves and the Earth in community.

We are calling all women to step into their nature based feminine leadership and create Groves that align with your unique gifts and the needs of your local environment.  

Some examples of in-breath/nurture activities include:

  • Meditation Circles
  • Ceremonial & Sacred Sister Circles
  • Sound, songs & singing
  • Returning to Nature practices
  • Wild Art Expression
  • Gratitude Gatherings  

Some examples of out-breath/action activities include:

  • Set your own Grove Tree Target
  • Planting, protecting & restoring trees
  • Gardening & local native species planting
  • Enchanted Fundraising
  • Educating children about the environment  

Are you feeling catalyzed and inspired to start your very own TreeSisters Grove? Sign up to get started and we'll guide you step by step!

Are you a Grove Tender?

More than ever, Nature is calling for us to step into leadership and share our gifts on behalf of life. She needs us as much as we need Her. 

A Grove Tender is someone who takes responsibility for growing, nurturing, and tending a circle of women and guiding them towards wholeness through in-breath and out-breath activities. She is passionate about gathering women in sisterhood and committed to activating her gifts on behalf of Life and her local environment.

When you sign up to become a Grove Tender:

  • You'll be taken to the Grove web area, which has a variety of practices and processes that will support you in creating your own unique Grove. We’ll help you do some visioning of what you want your Grove to be and then provide the next steps to make your vision come to life.
  • In the Grove web area you’ll also get to download our guides. We have a welcome guide, a sistering guide, and a gift guide, which include guidance and inspiration for how to sucessfully host a women's circle, as well as in-breath and out-breath activities.
  • You’ll also get three emails that will support you on the journey of creating your Grove.
  • For ongoing support, you'll also have access to monthly wisdom calls with Jenny Smith (our Groves Mama) which include Q&A. The event details will be sent out to you every month by email.
  • You'll also be invited into our Grove Tender closed Facebook group, where you can connect with other women who are taking this journey.  

What Women are Saying about their Groves

“My Grove is a place for sisterhood and for beginning to dream what it would mean to reforest here in Australia.” ~ Jacaranda dreaming Freemantle

“The purpose of my Grove is to facilitate feminine connection by creating a safe, free space for women to reconnect with themselves and each other through meeting and/or walking in nature together - sharing stories, thoughts and feelings about what feminine connection is to them and what we can do to strengthen this.” ~ Reconnecting Women, Auckland, New Zealand

“We will gather in nature as much as possible and connect with our beautiful stories and together to become a Book of Feminine Grace and Empowerment!” ~ Sacred Whispers Grove, Connecticut, USA 

Are you a Grove Tender?

Yes! I want to step into leadership and activate my gifts on behalf of Life... Yes! I am passionate about gathering women in circle and guiding them into wholeness... Yes! I am passionate about making a difference to my environment and want to take action to restore, conserve or protect the Earth... 


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