Calling All Women

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Calling All Women is a clarion call to restore and reforest the planet. We're aiming to grow our caring, active network by another 10,000 women worldwide and double our tree planting impact for the restoration of our world. We gather from Tuesday Apil 16th to Thursday May 17th, at 

Calling all Women... to reforest Fierce Love In Action: Embodying Nature's Immune Response 

Listen to this incredible conversation between TreeSisters Founder, Clare Dubois and Ayana Young. Ayana is quite simply electrifyingly raw, alive, immediate and open. Listening to her, being in conversation with her, will move you to tears. Through Ayana you are able to listen to Earth’s immune response. Nature rises through Ayana and ‘Her’ call to all of us comes directly from Ayanas mouth. You will leave this conversation feeling changed, in the best of ways. Join us to hear Ayana speak about:

  • where and how this passion and path found her and started for her 
  • her soul’s purpose and mission for the redwoods,
  • how the trees have caused her to think through every last detail of nursery creation and ecosystem healing through their own wisdom
  • the first green shoots of a potential partnership between the One Million Redwoods project and TreeSisters
  • what it really means to give your life in true service  

The replay has ended. Thank you for being with us!

Yes, I will stand with you to restore our incredible planet through love, care and reverence.

Join us!