Feminine Leadership in Philanthropy

How Our Giving Ignites a Movement on Behalf of The Forests and The Feminine

Live video event with: TreeSisters Founder Clare Dubois, CEO Amrita Khalsa, Communications Director Sophie Jane Mortimer - Hosted by Philanthropy Advisor Alyssa Wright

Tuesday, April 25th - 11am-12pm PST / 2-3pm EST / 7-8pm UK

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Exploring the leading edge of feminine philanthropy and how it can enhance our connection with the natural world we love

Where trees breathe 

New life is born 

Where each branch reaches out to me 

I know myself held in the arms 

of purest generosity 

Where the leaves fall 

I am blessed with a giving back 

that nourishes the roots of my soul 

For the trees reflect who and how I can be 

Standing tall, true, honest and undeniably me 

Unafraid to love, to give, to share and to bend 

So I bless the forests As I learn from them

~ Clare Dubois, TreeSisters founder

Are you interested in exploring what nature-based feminine philanthropy can look like for you, as well the current trends in feminine philanthropy in the world today? 

Feminine philanthropy knows it’s not just about pumping out checks, but how the act of giving changes our relationship to ourselves, to money, to each other and our planet. 

We invite you to join TreeSisters founder Clare, CEO Amrita, Philanthropy Advisor Alyssa, and Communications Director Sophie for an inspiring online video event. 

We’re deeply passionate about exploring how we can all become change agents in creating the future we all want for our grandchildren.

You're Invited:

You can join in from your computer, or by phone. We will also send the video recording to you by email afterwards.