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Please read through our guidelines carefully before joining the Facebook Group. This group is intented to be a safe and supportive sanctuary for women to come together and share. Please join us in holding a collective field of loving sisterhood!

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The Grove Tender Facebook Group Guidelines

  • This group is for any woman who is feeling drawn to create a local or virtual Treesisters Sisterhood Circle (a Grove). You can be at any stage in the process – i.e. considering it, dreaming it in, actively meeting with your group, reviewing your group...
  • Our vision for this group is to co-create a supportive and inspiring sisterhood space for us all to heartfully share our wisdom and encouragement of each other in this adventure.
  • Anyone can ask for support, guidance, inspiration with their Groves and anyone who feels moved to can offer a response.
  • Please offer your responses to each other with as much love and care as possible. We have a zero tolerance policy for cyber aggression. 
  • Please only post what is relevant to the Groves – personal experiences of creating or facilitating your groups, quotes and images of women and nature that inspire your Grove journey and that you know will serve the group into greater depth and connection.
  • Please do not use this space to promote yours or anyone elses work. When people promote, it changes the atmosphere from a nurturing sanctuary to a busy, bustling marketplace and depletes the energy of the group. Posters of promotional posts will be contacted by admin and asked to remove them, If they are not taken down in 24 hours the posts will be removed by us.
  • If you'd like to share your work with the TreeSisters network, please share it on our Facebook page here: 
  • If you have a pettion or a cause that feels in line with Treesisters please forward it to and she can send it out as part the monthly actions mail outs.
  • Please do not block invite women to this group. This is specifically for women who feel drawn to create a grove and the first step of that is for them to directly ask to become a member of this group.

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