Clare and Mark Dubois

 The Voice of a River  

"By not being afraid to speak for all of life with all of my life, I was free from fear." ~ Mark Dubois  

What people are saying about this call: Your passion and wisdom are inspirational and profound. Thank you for teaching us all how we can see everything as sacred. With much gratitude! ~ Terra in the USA  

Sending lots of love and gratitude for you both! Mark, my favorite quote from your interview today is this: "By not being afraid to speak for all of life with all of my life, I was free from fear." Bless you and thank you for sharing your story. Hugs from Trinidad. ~ Giselle in Trinidad  

So rich. Thank you Mark for being willing to share, brave enough to weep and strong enough to envision next steps. Such a blessing. Thank you Clare for holding and exploring so beautifully. As you do. ~Helen in the UK  

This has been amazing listening to your story Mark - and thank you Clare for holding the space to enable us to hear the story.It's totally devastating, heart rending and hopeful at the same time. I have now gone into the archives to find out all about this river! Much love to you both. ~ Chantal in South Africa  

Thank you so much; I feel so inspired by Mark's speaking of his sacred connection; I know how much I yearn for this way of life, this intuitive way of living... reminds me of ancient peoples and ways. We're finding ways to re-awaken, it's gradual, but it is happening. bless you both! ~ Margot in the UK  

Profound wisdom, grace & beauty...thank you so much. Blessings to you two beautiful people. ~ Barbara in Canada

Below is the second half video of the conversation. To hear the talk in it's entirety please listen to the audio above. Thank you!

40 years ago on May 25th, after a decade of trying to stop his beloved Stanislaus river being damned, Mark did something that blew open the hearts of people everywhere. He chained himself to the canyon floor, threw away the key and prepared to be drowned along with 9 million years worth of evolution. He put his life on the line for the river that had taught him how to be a man.  

Anyone that knows Mark, knows the power of his incredible heart - a canyon of love cleaned out by the grief of losing his river. That love still flows in acts of pure service to all that see this world as sacred and are given to humanities awakening.

In this conversation, you are invited into the love between husband and wife team Mark and Clare Dubois, as Clare interviews Mark to help him express this story that is such a powerful invitation to us all to stand on behalf of all we love. You will hear lessons from the river, powerful perspectives for the time we're in and Marks personal journey both into and out of that moment in his life.

Quote from I'm Here to Speak for Life an article about California’s Stanislaus River and the bravery of Mark Dubois.

 Learn the history behind this inspirational story to save a river...  

California Drought Revives a River -- and a Poignant History  

CBS News Report after Mark Dubois Chained Himself to a rock, May 25, 1979.  

Stainislaus River

Newspaper photo courtesy of the Stanislaus River website.  

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