Water Carriers Submission Form

Greetings WaterCarriers!

Becoming a WaterCarrier is an invitation to water the root system of our global forests.  

  • Are you stepping into your feminine nature based leadership through your creativity?  
  • Do you want to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters by donating from the proceeds of your creative efforts?  
  • Are you a treesister who wants to dive deeper into supporting our roots?  

WaterCarriers is open to anyone who wishes to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters. We want to support your fundraising and creativity. We are working on a fundraising support pack and we are also working on a way in which we will have the ability to add your website and logo via your femmiversity page to show that you support us in this way.  

We are unable to endorse your product or service, however we will display your logo, website and story on our website along with why it's important to you to give to TreeSisters. We are celebrating women who have stepped into their Feminine Nature Based Leadership.  

Please note: We also celebrating and welcome any men who wish to be WaterCarriers who also run thier own business and/or creative events.  

Please read our Terms and Conditions and then fill out the form below.  

New WaterCarriers will be listed on to the website every month or as our schedule permits and fall under the conditions as mentioned on the main page. Please know you can begin Fundraising as soon as you agree to our Terms and Conditions by filling out the form below.

Please note the information you send may be edited for length to fit on our site.  

With much gratitude, Terra WaterCarrier and Network Relations Manager  

P.S.: Please email us the following photos to be included on our website: A photo of yourself, your logo if you have one and a photo of your product or one product that represents what your business is. Please send quality images to watercarriers@treeesisters.org. Thank you! 


WaterCarriers Submission Form Please fill out the fields below to your best ability.

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